Rita Ora

I had to do a post on Rita Ora today because I was soo happy she tweeted me back this morning! I know I’m a complete stalker & everything but I’m obsessed with her, she defines perfection! I first discovered her when she did  for Craig David in the song “Where’s Your Love.” She was wearing a plain vest top & some baggy black pants…I remember thinking wowww who is that?!?!  So I googled her & couldn’t find anything except her Twitter! This was back in 2008/9 so I didn’t even have a Twitter – I actually only made one to find out more about this girl! Anyway so I tweeted Rita Ora saying I wanted her evil eye necklace and she replied telling me it was from Butler & Wilson. And so my Rita Ora fixation began!

I’ve watched her fans grow the past few months as she’s been signed to Roc Nation and appears on nearly every Tumblr page around! But she is seriously incredibly beautiful, one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen! She’s also my ultimate style icon, her style is so sick and like me she loves crazy prints but puts her own twist on everything, maybe thanks to her super stylist Kyle Devolle… He’s also a big inspiration to me! Anyone who is on Twitter has most probably seen the Rita hype, but if not I promise in 2012 you’re all gonna know about her! Most of my friends think I’m a lil crazy being mad about this person who hasn’t even released a song yet! She’s done these cool video blogs for her fans so you can watch my fave one here to find out a bit more about her:

You can see from the video how likable she is, seems like such a sweetie & I could stare at her for hours! If you wanna hear more of her voice, google DJ Fresh feat. Rita Ora & you can hear the first song she’s featured on since her Roc Nation signing, “Hot Right Now“.

Anyway to finish off, today I tweeted her saying I’m so sad I’ve not had a reply from her since 2009, and I should be made CEO of #TEAMORA. And she replied saying “So you should! Don’t worry I see you :)”   I literally screamed lol.

I don’t think many of you will understand my love for this girl right now but don’t worry you will soon.

2012 is her year!


Follow Rita on Twitter: @RitaOra

Follow her amazing stylist: @KyleDevolle

& Don’t forget to follow me ;): @SYSelcuk

Enjoy the pics of this ridiculously gorgeous woman!!!



  1. Cherry P · · Reply

    OMG I love her…. perfection x x x

  2. Finley97Elizabeth · · Reply

    Rita Ora<3 haha, i helped you get a follow off her, me @FinleyElizabeth 🙂 well done! 😀 bet you were well happy! hehe so am i. i love your blog! its amazing! ive been umming and rrrrring at what i want to do when im older as i need to find work experience for next year and i now know what i want to do, being a stylist is for me i think i love the way people put random clothes together and it always looks great and i love this urban look! xx

    1. You did thank you! Still can’t believe it! Aww thank you, yeah styling is so much fun but it’s so competitive and hard work too! So I would say get as much experience as you can because a degree does nothing, it’s all about who you know! 🙂 x

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