I was watching one of my fave films the other night, Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing” , I tweeted & fb’d about it and was shocked (and appalled!) how many people had never ever heard of it let alone not seen it!! I love Spike Lee & I think Do The Right Thing is such an inspirational film! There’s always been lots of controversy surrounding the film and it’s message, because of how it portrays different races & cultures, but there is such a strong message there – you definately can’t take it at face value, there are no clear cut villains or heroes and you have to understand how the story ties in with the ending quotes from Malcom X & Martin Luther King.  But for anyone who hasn’t seen it I would recommend it 100%! If you aren’t into films that address political/racial issues it’s worth watching just for the styling though! The style is just me all over, makes me wish I was born & raised in Brooklyn living in the 1990’s! I was born ’89 but obviously didn’t get to enjoy 90’s fashion the way they did in this film! My 90’s fashion was more Spice Girls than Cross Colours :/ Watching it again has inspired me to dig out all my 90’s influenced clothes tho! You’ll see me soon rockin’ my fluro bumbag and visor, haha!

What have I ever done to you?

“You a drunk fool!!”

Apart from that.

Watch the trailer for Do The Right Thing here:



  1. Really like your blog! This film looks interesting, have to admit i haven’t heard of it (hand over face) will definately watch!

  2. 1989 girls are class xxxxxx

  3. Really like your blog!
    Would you mind following each other via bloglovin maybe? 🙂

    /Malin @

  4. When watching the official trailer I got really into it! I must now go find this at my local video rental store or maybe find it on netflix! I hope Netflix has it thats why im paying 8 bucks a month!

  5. Cherry P · · Reply

    I never seen it or even heard of it!! I will have to give it a go, thank you hun x x x

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