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First of all let me make this clear… no one… I repeat…NO ONE will ever take Rita Ora‘s place in my heart. My original girl crush & obsession which has gone so extreme its had my friends worried I’ll have a restraining order taken out on me (yes someone actually said that to me)…I’m mesmerised by her. Somebody even went as far as saying im her “Stan” – Rita if you ever read this I’m not that weird don’t worry. (!!)  Anyway like I was saying, no other female can take Rita’s place in my eyes… however I have found my next girl crush.

Her name is Phlo Finister, real name Elijah. She’s L.A born and bred but moved to London to pursue her singing career. I came across her in SuperSuper magazine and her style really caught my attention. The kinda scruffy, boyish style with an urban 90’s edge, something I hadn’t seen for a while (since Vashtie, the queen of dressing like a guy but looking hotter than any girl in the room). I read the small article about her in SuperSuper and then YouTubed her videos. One in particular stood out to me, a mellow R&B song called “Shades“. While I was waiting for the video to load (I swear I have the slowest internet connection in the history of internet connections) I scrolled down to read the comments and noticed the video had been getting lots of attention, especially by hardcore Aaliyah fans. ” Recession Pack Aaliyah, damn times are hard!!!!!!” says one commentor who seemed fond of exclamation marks. After watching the video, I realised what they were talking about. In the video, Phlo had clearly taken huge inspiration from Aaliyah (who would have celebrated her 30th birthday on Jan 16th, Rest in Peace) which shows her in almost idential outfits to Aaliyah’s iconic video costumes. At first watch I can sort understand why Aaliyah fans accused Phlo of “stealing her style” but after watching the video a few times, I love it! I don’t see it as Phlo copying Aaliyah, I see it as her taking huge influence from Aaliyah’s style and paying homage to the artist missed by millions worldwide.

Artists these days take inspiration from everyone, most of the time without admitting it (cough cough that’s you Rihanna, we all saw M.I.A’s “BOYZ” video long before “RUDEBOY” 😉 and then reclaim it as their own. At least Phlo’s dedication to Aaliyah is so blatant it is more of a tribute than a theft of creative style. I love the 90’s decade so much which is probably why I appreciate the video, we get to see 90’s style again!  Let’s face it how often do we get to see Aaliyah’s music videos on TV these days, usually it’s Rihanna, Beyonce or Lady Gaga (no disrespect but zzzz.) I think it’s a good way to educate the later 90’s babies and 00’s babies on what REAL music and REAL style is! I think Phlo does Aaliyah justice in the video, and I have to be honest, if I close my eyes and just listen to her voice the likeness is uncanny. No one will ever take Aaliyah’s place, but Phlo Finister is looking like she’ll be the one to reintroduce us to soulful R&B with a street edge. No Katy Perry polka dots or Lady Gaga obsurd telephone headpieces in sight, just pure street styling, baggy pants, crop tops, basically every thing I love about fashion! Might not be to everybodies taste but Phlo has definatley won me over with this video. The Furbies at the end are just the sprinkles on top of my ice cream! Got me feelin so nostalgic! Even as I write Furby, my spellchecker is telling me there’s no such word! But when I type iPhone there are no other spelling suggestions! What’s that all about??! Take me back to the 90’s 😦 Anyway to summarise I predict big things for her in 2012!  Check out the mixtape “Crown Gold” to hear more of Phlo.

This girls style is unique, I love it! Helps that she is pretty gorgeous too! I also can’t help hearing Sway’s Flo Fashion” in my head everytime I think about her

“Sway How Much Was Ur Shades, Sway Where’d You Buy Those Trainers,Sway Why You Wearin Them Shades…..I Dont Know I’m Jus Followin Fashion” – How ironic though! Flo/Shades/Phlo/Fashion…am I on my own here… forget it.

Follow her on Twitter: @PhloFinister


  1. This blog is amazing, its really interesting and your appreciation of fashion and music is evident.

  2. Thanks for posting this! Already nodding my head to the beat! I can see the Aaliyah comparisons (agree with you that it’s more a tribute than swag stealing lol), but I think its nice to see a female artist who isn’t ‘over-sexualised’ or ‘over-dramatized’, like Ri-Ri, Gaga, and Beyonce (no disrespect, they’re still amazing!) I like Phlo’s, relaxed cool, her style is on point without being too ‘try hard’, I’m definitely gonna be keeping my eye’s and ears out for her!!
    P.s- I’m with you on the ‘Phlo Fashion’ ‘Flo fashion’ B)

  3. Again another amazing post! ‘It is more of a tribute than a theft of creative style’ was my favourite part. Shows how much emphasis there is on being an individual than following trends.

  4. She’s cool.

  5. Cherry P · · Reply

    Loving this post your really have a passion for people and it really shows in your posts. I love how much you love just be careful about those restraining orders lol x x x

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