Rita Ora Takeover Starts Now!

After she smashed the charts with her very first single with DJ Fresh, Rita Ora is set for stardom. If you’ve read my blog before you all know by now how much I love this girl and have supported her from the get go. The media have taken a shine to her since her number one single and she’s being papped everywhere she goes! Which is amazing for Rita obsessives like me (AKA RITABOTS) as we start to see her all over the place. I actually screamed the first time I saw her in the paper! OMG I got another tweet from her after me and two other fans sent her a card congratulating her on her number 1. This shows how humble she actually is to take the time out to thank us. So sweet!

Anyway I wanted to highlight something in this post which is an issue that NEEDS to be addressed!!!  As Rita Ora has been gaining more and more media attention by the day (seen front row at LFW,  The Brits etc) the media have latched on to referring to her as this new “Rihanna lookalike” and “The U.K’s version of Rihanna”.  This annoys the hell outta me because as any Rita fan will know, Rita has been blonde for years! I’m not saying she’s the first to rock the whole bleach blonde red lips thing! Just the other day the world premiere of Rita’s debut “Party & Bullshit” sparked the media into a frenzy of “Is Rita Ora The New Rihanna?” (VH1)  “Is Rita Ora The Next Rihanna” (The Insider) and many more comparisons which has shifted people’s focus from feeling excited at the prospect of this new fresh talent, to unfair comparisons and accusations of Rita jacking Rihanna’s style in order to get media attention. I’ve had a look at a few blogs and forums, and the amount of #RIHANNANAVY hate directed towards Rita is ridiculous! One person wrote  “#RihannaNavy gonna chew you up & spit you out” . It makes me angry!

Rita is loved for her unique style, just as Rihanna is! BUT their style is completely different! Rihanna style oozes sex appeal with lots of tight clingy outfits whilst Rita tends to go towards the sporty mismatch look with baggy oversized sweaters! You may have read my interview with Rita’s amazing stylist Kyle De’volle (if not, why not?! Read it here) .. However recently just in time for Rita’s debut Rihanna’s style seems to have taken a swift new direction which is making people compare Rita to her, giving “Rihannanavy” ammunition to accuse Rita of stealing Ri’s style when it was hers in the first place!

Exhibit A: Rihanna’s random decision to dye her hair bleach blonde just in time for the release of Rita’s first single “Hot Right Now”

Exhibit B: Spot the difference; Rihanna pictured two days after Rita’s MTV appearance.

A source says:

“Oh and guess what I heard the other day….. Rihanna is nervous that Roc Nation was putting a lot of PRESS behind their new superstar in the making: Rita Ora. And Rihanna needed a gimmick to trample that, so that is why she did the Chris Brown song to shadow out Rita Ora’s debut.”Everyone at ROC Nation and inside the industry is gearing for Rita Ora to take off and be a bigger worldwide sensation then Rihanna. Rita is just as pretty, a better singer, and her style is edgy and daring like Rihanna. And Roc Nation has her under the radar and in [recording] studios from LA to Miami with some of the Entertainment music’s biggest producers out right now. Rihanna was not at all happy when she heard this, I’m told. So definitely look for Rita Ora to be taking over this year. Mark my words.” – <Taken from Sandra Rose.com read the full article here: http://sandrarose.com/2012/02/is-roc-nation-grooming-rita-ora-to-be-bigger-than-rihanna/>

Here’s another example for you; Rita steps out for a night in London wearing this Trapstar beanie… two days later Rihanna sports the same hat at a performance rehearsal in the US.

This is a classic case of the mainstream stealing from the underground and it happens all the time, but the difference is Rihanna knows  how much work Rita’s put in since her signing with Roc Nation, they’re LABEL MATES! So the least she could do is respect her and give her time to show the world who she is as an artist! We need give Rita props for being the beautiful unique artist that she is, not be slating her and saying we don’t need “another Rihanna”.

P.S  for any Rihanna fans reading this who might find this offensive…Ok I went a bit far with the fail plastered over Rihanna, but as a fan you know how much you love and support the artist and you wouldn’t like credit being taken away from them in any way after they’ve worked so hard. It’s all light hearted and I respect everyone elses opinions. You can say Rita’s style is not original, you can say she wasn’t the first the do bleached blonde, even call her a Gwen Stefani clone! At least then you’ll be getting her influences right.  She’s worked so hard over the past three years making her debut album and she deserves  positive media attention, not negativity surrounding being a second rate version of Rihanna. 

So please, stop with the Rihanna comparisons! There is room for both in the industry, they are both very talented and very different artists! Both of the girls are probably laughing at all the hype making them out to be enemies but this is mainly down to Rihanna’s fans who will not let this drop!  


Ohhhh don’t forget to watch Rita’s Live Lounge of “Somebody I Used To Know” if you haven’t already. Amazing


  1. I totally agree. People shouldnt compare the two, they are different people with different voices. But #teamrita all the way babyyyyyyy ❤

  2. I knew I wasn’t imagining things! I hate when things like this happen. This look does not suit Rihanna at all, nobody likes a copy. Team Rita!

  3. Louise Dewar · · Reply

    Rita is amazing, she is daring and has a great voice… Rihanna is all about her imagine because its probably more than half her fame.. She can’t sing.

  4. Rihanna is copyin rita 100% why is she tryin to be rita , b4 rita can be rita if u no what i mean. i like rihanna but give rita a chance u’ve had ur time, PS: it dont suit u , makes u look like a cheap yardie.
    Either way rita’s gonna be BIGGER i cant wait to see her blow up LOVEHER. #TEAMORA bitttccccccch.

    1. That’s exactly what she’s doing! So annoying!


  5. AGREEEEEEEEE !!!!! OMG YES. It annoys the hell out of me when i see a pic of riri w/blonde hair n red lips. Is she low in selfesteem , she should find anothr style and leave ritas alone!! RITABOTS ❤ Riri fans …. Look at your leader. Your following someone whos following someone else

  6. How is Rihanna “copying” someone who is a nobody? She’s had one song out , Rihannas been going for years? Rita is pretty but she is just a copy of Rihanna and will never reach her level.

  7. Rita looks like a clone of Rihanna. I wonder if she’s as stupid as Rihanna.

  8. Definitely Rita <333

  9. Like Gwen Stefani has inspired Rita’s look,
    Rita has inspired Rihanna’s, clearly.
    And if Rihanna is actually trying to undermine
    Rita’s image it’s because she knows full well
    this piece of fresh meat means COMPETITION!

  10. NOOOOOW I know why Rihanna changed her hair! She was peeking in Rita Ora’s practice room like \”let me beat that new bitch to it!\” lmao

  11. Rihanna wannabe.

  12. TeamRita

  13. aidawhatsername · · Reply


    I love your blog, I really do! I started to read it when you did the interview to Kyle (whom I freaking love) =)

    I heard about Rita after a Bruno Mars’ afterparty in London (hahaha) because Rita (and Kyle) was with him wearing an impressive dress. I just fell in love with her and I wanted to know who she was. Love at first sight LOL.
    And I’m here: loving her and trying to know what she’s doing, promoting Hot Right Now (I live in Spain and the other day, thanks to me and because I know the most famous radio host, the played the song on the most famous radio in Spain. Crazy!), and getting crazy everytime she drops a new video diary, song, photo or whatever.

    I have to say I’m a huge Rihanna fan too. I’ve been at her concert in Madrid when she came here and she was amazing. Rihanna’s one of my favourite artist. Seriously, I love her. But, as a real fan, I have to say that the things you said in this blog, are all TRUE.
    She’s trying to copy Rita because she’s SCARED. Rita has thousands of fans with any song out (now finally we can listen to Hot Right Now and Party and Bullshit!!).
    On the other hand, Rihanna became famous in all over the world with her third album and thanks to Jay Z who collaborated with her.
    Dying her hair colour into blonde just makes that, when people see Rita for the first time, think she has copied Rihanna. And that’s not true!!

    These two new singles with Chris Brown… C’mon!! We all now what happened. I think Rihanna is smarter than this. I don’t think she’s trying to get back with Brown. She’s always doing “crazy” things to be all day in the press, so now, as she’s scared because of Rita, she has to do WHATEVER.
    No one’s happy about this collaboration. Def Jam is not promoting the singles, Jay Z doesn’t like the collaboration and he doesn’t approve the songs…

    I’m a little bit disappointed with Rihanna.
    And I’m tired of reading that Rita is a copy of Rihanna, or she’s the new Rihanna…

    I think Rita and Rihanna should be friends, make a song together and… the world will be at their feet. Don’t you think so?

    Anyway, if Rihanna one day Rita’s becoming more famous than her, we will see a collaboration between them. I’m sure!!

    PD: OMG! I haven’t realized that I’ve written that much hahaha.

    1. Awwww! Thank you SO much! I can’t belive someone in Spain is reading my blog! 🙂

      Kyle is absolutely amazing! Definitely the future of fashion! I agree with everything you’ve said too! I’ve had abit of hate mail/tweets since this post, but like I said I had nothing against Rihanna before all this, I like her music! I just think that what she’s done is so sly, and now instead of positive press about her potential all Rita is gettin is stupid Rihanna comparisons! It’s really annoying!

      I can’t believe you got Hot Right Now on the radio in Spain! That’s amazing! I run the Rita Ora Street Team on Twitter with another girl called Fran, if you have twitter please tweet me @syselcuk / @ritaostreetteam I wanna talk to you! 🙂

      Thanks again for reading! xx


    RITA IS GONNA TAKE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Completly agree. excellent article Suzan as usual!! xxxxxx

  16. I love her style, and her voice is amazing!


  17. I An Completely And Utterly In love With This Post . Made A lot Of Valid points . Cool Blog

  18. Whatever · · Reply

    Crazy thing is Gwen Stefani did the mismatch, sporty, blonde/red lips thing how long ago? I swear when I see Rita Ora I just see Gwen from her late No Doubt early Solo era (maybe even further).

  19. Whatever · · Reply

    Also I don’t care about either girl, I’m just tired of the music industry and fans hyping acts because of what they wear and not what they can to in the studio like red bottoms can cut a f*cking record and produce vocals.

    1. Yeah I know what you mean, but Rita’s never hidden the fact that Gwen Stefani is her biggest influence, she mentions it in every interview she does actually. Alot of people are hyping her up now but for the ones who have followed her career from the start its not just her style that we love its her whole persona & character, that’s my personal opinion anyway and that’s why fans get so stressed at the Rihanna comparisons cos she really is nothing like Rihanna it’s just Rhi’s done her best to make sure people compare them.

  20. I have to agree with your point of view in this situation, because I really think that Rita did really well with her hit single and has such an awesome voice, its important to have a voice thats different than other!

  21. Esmeralda Mcquinn · · Reply

    Rita may not be creating as much buzz as Rihanna, but just hearing the first 10 seconds of Rita’s song clearly tells me that she has more singing talent than Rihanna. I’ve heard some of her songs, but never knew the singer’s name because of the lack of media coverage on her…

    Rita’s voice has so much soul and emotions into it, whereas most of Rihanna’s songs are rather hyped up… Nevertheless, Rita definitely should be given a chance to shine with her level of talent, and people bashing her hopes and dreams over something so subtle like blonde hair just shows how screwed up society really is. I’m definitely with you syselcuk. It’s about time Rita shines.

  22. C. Eckard · · Reply

    People rake up fuss over the pettiest things… That’s just society for you. They may look similar, and in fact they both do look great in blonde and are great singers, so why are people bashing Rita?! Yes, Rita’s been blonde for years already, and people love to ignore facts as they are and conjure twisted opinions just because Rihanna has a bigger reputation.

    Be it Rihanna went blonde as a sly move to steal the limelight, or it’s just coincidence, they just need to stir up some negative comments to stir up buzz, at the expense of Rita, which is just heartless and downright childish… They really need to go grow up, and stop such malice. Very well said syselcuk. It’d be great if your post goes as a press release too!

  23. You have a decent blog here. As a fellow blogger, I would advise against going on to other blog sites and slandering posts with your nonsense comments. Sometimes stanning for a celeb makes us do funny things. Rita may be “amazing” but you don’t “take over the world” with a wack vocal performance on a 2+ year old song. #justsayin

  24. Rita is nobody!! She only bc0me ‘fam0us?’ bcause of rihanna. And true, why would rihanna copy a style fr0m a n0body? . . Its nearly imposible 4 rita to reach the level of rihanna that has a total of 11 no1 s0ngs in blboard chart on going next to madona and even bey0nce cn’t beat that rec0rd! Blah

  25. This is way too funny for me, no one is trying to discredit the fact that Rita does not have any sense of style, but if you guys cannot not see that the Rocnation label were the first to say and put her out as the UK version of ‘Rihanna’ then your dumb. Look at the R.I.P video, the movement, the attitude, to the sex appeal she is trying to exude….. is a BLATANT JACK.

    SO irrespective of who did what first, if you want to stand alone and be seen as an individual, you have to play smart in this industry, for example Lady gaga. Musically I don’t like Rita’s songs, before she came out I seriously thought she would be doing soul with an edge.

    I cannot deny that Rita is gorgeous, maybe in some way Rihanna would feel threatened by that. But make no mistake Rihanna worked hard and has developed into the artist that she is today. Before you all blast me for being part of the Navy, I’m not. I never was into Rihanna before until I bought Talk that Talk.

    You guys keep saying give Rita a chance, give Rita a chance I did, all that time spent checking her twitter and seeing people hype her up……. and this is what I got. I’m sorry I felt duped. If she wants to compete come correct musically, then you can challenge. The Music industry is full of politics, get with the programme.

    1. Yeah I understand what you mean but the who point I was making was that the comparisons would never have been there had Rihanna not made sure she looked like a Rita clone! This is what I mean, people watching R.I.P vid will think “Rihanna wannabe” but only because RiRi decided to change her style around the time of TTT. I’m a Rihanna fan too and not trying to say she doesn’t deserve her sucess at all she’s built her own empire but the constant comparisions are tiring because they are only there because RiRi purposely took Rita’s style so that when Rita released her debut all she was faced with was these accusations of being a “poor mans Rihanna”. You need to watch Rita’s video diaries and see what an amazing personality she has and also her accoustic covers she is so talented and people need to see that instead of just seeing her as a 2nd rate Rihanna.

  26. channys · · Reply

    I LOVE RITA ORA!!!! I understand why some Rihanna fans are upse but thats cus they dont know of Rita, so they think shes copying her which is so far from the truth! seen so many people copying and pasting this article all over the web haha! gwaan girl! 🙂

  27. Dontworryaboutit · · Reply

    Umm I just want to say that no one owns a look and just because rita had blonde hair first doesnt mean no one is allowed to have it. You said it Rihanna is always changing her looks she went from brown to blonde to black. I feel like everyone one is trying to make something out of nothing just to have a story. For goodness sakes it’s just hair. Should Rihanna have waited til Rita was done with it. And as far as the style clothes, yes it’s similar but this is the style that’s in. Rihanna and Rita are probably laughing at the stupid hype smh.

  28. Gianette · · Reply

    Really? Do you think that Rihanna would get tired trying to make Rita look like she is copying her? Seriously? Do you even find your arguments logically? Think only: Rihanna is the woman of the year, the sexiest woman of the decade, the ambasador of Armani, has won sooo many prizes…and so on…so..Rita is just a little human being, compared to Rihanna. So Rihanna would never to such things because she doesn’t have to. She is much smarter and more important than Rita 😉

  29. People chill the fuck out finally. First of all im a hell of a big fan from Rihanna but some of you overreact. Rita isn’t just a nobody because she does have a good voice & her career really just started so. But I would not say Rihanna is copying her because Rihanna has been going with this style for a long long time & she’s known for changing her hair often, so you guys would say (for example) when she was dying her hair red she was copying ? After the blond hair she dyed it again & AGAIN. You’re pointing out that Rihanna is having a plan to steal rita’s spotlight when she’s not because Rihanna has been very successful with her career besides every artist is good in his own way.

  30. You guys shoulnt make a big deal about it! I mean if youre a rita fan… Fine!!! But leave it alone and dont hate on RiRi !!!You talk too much!! If they both wear the same shirt or hat.. Who cares??? If you love rita go and listen to her songs… If youre a riri fan go and listen to her songs! Wtv guys!!anyways…Im not a big fan of rita… But im sure able to say that she is a good singer and i know she worked hard to get there! And i wish her all the success she diserves! Btw Rihanna CAN sing too!!!  Go watch “the truth : rihanna can sing” on youtube! K thx! Team RiRi!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3 

  31. Sofia Sousa · · Reply

    Fúúck Rita Ora

  32. Rita sing better and she’s better in live than riri and less naked too lolz !

  33. Michaél Leins · · Reply

    Rihanna is copy Rita .

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