New Generation of super stylists: Kyle De’volle

Ok so for anyone that knows me or has read my blog or tweets before you’ve probably realised I’m a HUGE Rita Ora fan. (If you missed my blog post on her read it here.) One of the reasons I love her so much is because of her unique style, which is why I decided to blog about the man behind her look, Mr Kyle De’volle. Most people who have studied or work in fashion realise that often stylists aren’t recognised for their work especially if their client has a huge fan base (such as Rita, who to date has over 47,000 twitter followers without even releasing a song yet… world domination here we come) HOWEVER unlike most Mr. De’volle is rapidly gaining recognition from Rita’s fans worldwide who are in love with the styling he’s done for her on various shoots which have been blogged and reblogged all around tumblr. Kyle has managed to give this rising star a completley fresh and unique look which will have people thinking Rihanna who? Obviously her beauty means it’s unlikely she’ll ever look bad in an outfit but Kyle’s styling ensures she looks dope in every one! We got a glimpse of Kyle in Rita’s Video diary Episode two, where he defined Rita’s style as “Gwen Stefani meets Where’s Wally”. His appearance in this video gained him fans of his own (like myself) once we saw the hilarious on screen chemistry between him & Rita. 😀

Kyle De’volle’s styling portfolio doesn’t stop at Rita Ora though, he currently styles London based singer/songwriter Cleo Sol ( has styled Rihanna’s on screen boo (the guy from her We Found Love video) Dudley O’Shaughnessy, and more! You can view his work at his online portfolio here:

I’m so excited for Rita’s takeover & I predict BIG things for Kyle too, I actually emailed him to tell him how much I loved his work & he replied thanking me, so lovely! It’s been a while since I’ve found a stylist who’s work I adore so much, I could look at his images all day!  Every image I’ve seen styled by him has made me want to go out and find that exact outfit…I have to be honest I’ve not been this excited about fashion styling since I discovered who Ray Petri was!

We all know Rita’s style will soon be cloned worldwide and we’ve already seen the countless girls trying to work peroxide blonde hair with black eye brows & red lipstick! But I think Kyle’s talent will give us fresh new style to inspire us for a long time to come!

So there’s my prediction for this years most influential stylist: Kyle De’volle.

You can catch Kyle in Rita’s Diary Episode 2:

I hope if Rita does more of these videos we get to see Kyle too!

Follow Kyle on Twitter: @KyleDeVolle

Rita Ora’s Twitter: @RitaOra



  1. Hi, I stumbled across your blog and I thought I’d comment on it. I’m in design myself and like taking the time to read blogs and learn how people work and what influences them. Your passion is really refreshing and it’s great to see how much you immerse yourself in the culture and styles of a chosen era or designer and then put your own spin on it for your own work. On first impressions, a lot of research and hard work takes place and this should stand you in good stead for building a promising portfolio.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Kyle is style on evrything he does

  3. Francesca · · Reply

    Love the blog post, Kyle is definitely a great stylist, he’s lucky the people he works with are so experimental and up for trying new styles. Looking forward to the year ahead with Rita’s debut and all the things that will bring. I’m hoping that Kyle gets the recognition he deserves because Rita is about to become a huge style icon, as well as his work he is just an all round nice guy.

  4. Love your blog!
    would you mind following each other via bloglovin? 🙂

    /Malin @

  5. “Gwen Stefani meets Where’s Wally?…Gwen Stefani meets Where’s Wally?..Gwen Stefani meets Where’s Wally??” hahahh that made me laugh. She’s soo cute too.

    Loving your blog and your take on everything…looking forward to more posts!!

  6. Snap i also did a post on rita ora and her style on my blog..i absolutely love it lol
    I’m loving your blog..deffo following on bloglovin

  7. Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was searching for!

  8. Cherry P · · Reply

    Love you posts I could read them all day long, I love this style so much x x x

  9. channys · · Reply

    Kyle is amazing! Love him and his work, amazing amazing stylist and so talented!

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