Romeo Santos

I’m OBSESSED with Latin music. Reggaeton, Bachata, Merengue, etc etc. About 80% of my iPod is world music, from Latin, Arabic, Nigerian, you name it I have it, which some people find weird seen as I don’t understand any of it. I I think it’s because half my family is Turkish & I’ve always listened to Turkish music even though I don’t speak the language fluently (I’m hanging my head in shame, but I’m actually learning so watch this space). But anyway,I love other cultures and other languages make music sound so exotic, I find it more interesting to listen to than the usual mainstream crap on the radio these days. I did a post on Reggaeton a while ago so if you aren’t familar with it I suggest you read it here. I went through a hardcore Reggaeton phase, when Don Omar was my favourite Latin artist but I’m now favouring Bachata which; for those of you who don’t know the difference , is smoother and sensual, much more relaxing than Reggaeton. So yeah, Don Omar has now been replaced by a singer who has got the most AMAZING voice I’ve EVER heard in my WHOLE life. And you know I mean it because of my excessive use of capitals.

His name is Romeo Santos. 

He was born & bred in The Bronx, NY.

I think I love him.

Anthony “Romeo” Santos was the lead singer/songwriter of the popular Latin group Aventura.  (their song Obsesion was stolen & ruined when it was sung completely in English by a really cheesy one hit wonder boyband called 3rd Wish. Flashback?) If you’ve never heard Aventura’s original, get on YouTube now!!

When I heard Romeo was doing a solo album I was sooooo excited I actually preordered it off Amazon about 6 weeks in advance (as if it was gonna sell out so quick in the U.K haha). Wasn’t sure how he’d be without the other members but I absolutely love the album! It’s called Formula, probably because he has some crazy formula to make Latin music appeal to people who don’t even understand what he’s going on about! The two stand out songs for me on the album are “Promise” and “La Diabla”.

“Promise” probably will appeal to more people because it features Usher, it’s a beautiful song but “La Diabla” is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever heard in the history of music, I could listen to it forever! Check them out and let me know what you think, especially if you don’t really listen to world music, if I converted just 1 person I’d be happy! 

I think I might swap my Turkish lessons for Spanish ones.It’s definitely the language of love. My Dad won’t be impressed, but at least then I can tweet Romeo in Spanish! 

Follow him on Twitter: @RomeoSantosPage


  1. Nice post, I also enjoyed Romeo’s latest album – it had a nice mix of music and he has a great voice. Thanks for sharing and greetings from snowy Minneapolis!

  2. The newest album … was … how should I describe it? It blew me away! Honestly , At first I wasnt interested in it but than it grew on me. I think that happens to a lot of people and it happnes to me with almost every CD I buy so that was a great experience!

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