STOP PRESS!! spike lee just asked me how i am?!?!

I know I’m such a loser, but I just had to blog this! I nearly passed out today when my movie hero & the greatest director/writer of all time SPIKE LEE replied to me on twitter!! I did tweet him like three times in a row, lol, bt hey perserverance is key! Being the geek I am I obviously posted it on facebook but hardly anyone cared, which led me to realise most people around me don’t really know who Spike Lee is or his significance! EDUCATE YOURSELVES!! Either that or I need to surround myself with cooler people, haha!  I did a blog on my fave “Spike Lee joint” Do The Right Thing – read it here.


  1. This is attually because your too cool miss ❤ Im educated because of you miss 😀 xxx plus love your twitter pic

  2. I absolutely LOVE this, Your right people need ‘To do the right thing’ and educate themselves on Spike Lee, but also on your amazing work, your blog is super cool, and i’m now gonna be a geek and read every single bit of it =D xoxo

  3. Such an awesome photo I must say! I wish I had such a great photo on twitter and everything! Wow That must of been such a great feeling knowing someone like that was able to actually talk to you! congrats!

  4. Cherry P · · Reply

    perserverance is key! haha love you, you go girl x x x

  5. channys · · Reply

    hahaha you make me laugh! happy for you, you always seem to get the attention of your idols!

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