Shine Your Light

I’ve been blogging for a while now and even though I blog about my fashion and style inspirations, I’ve never actually done an outfit post! For a few reasons but the main ones being A. I am not photogenic AT ALL and B. I never really thought anyone would ever rate what I wear seen as I dress like a tramp half the time! But a few of my blogger friends have managed to persuade me to start doing outfit posts so here goes my first one! Go easy on me please guys! Haha! 

One thing you may need to note about me is that 99.9% of the time I wear trainers so don’t be expecting any amazing shoes on my feet! LOL. So this is what I wore yesterday, which ended up being a very very very important day! 

Jacket: Charity shop, £5. Tights: Topshop £8, Vest: Ebay £9.99, Trainers: Jordan Spiz’ikes £75 (I’m obsessed with Spike Lee in case you didn’t know)

So there you gooo! My first outfit post! Let me know what you think! Oh and the reason why yesterday ended up being an important day is…… I MET RITA ORA!!! I don’t need to tell you all again how much I love her I’m sure you’re sick of hearing it! But I’m still gonna tell you what happened anyway, lol. I was invited by Rita’s sister to come and meet her before her show in Manchester. When I saw Rita I was so overwhelmed I kinda shed a few tears, embarrasing! We just sat and talked and she told me she remembers me tweeting her back in 2008 before she got signed with Roc Nation (that’s actually how long I’ve been obsessed with her for) and was thanking me for supporting her all this time. Even as I’m writing this it feel so surreal I can’t believe it actually happened!  I’m sooooo happy right now! We took about five pics together because I told her I was really un-photogenic, and she goes omg so am I… I said are you crazy I’ve never seen 1 bad picture of you! Here’s some of the pics from last night! She gave me and my boyfriend free tickets to the show too 🙂 Such an amazing & beautiful person! Her performance was amazing too, especially a song off her album called “Shine Your Light” hence the title of this post! xx SYS


  1. awww lucky you! you got to meet your idol lol & your outfits nice! do more outfit posts

  2. ASHLIE *RITAB0T* · · Reply

    LOVE UR STYLE! u should for sure do more outfit blogs (“,) so jel u got to meet rita , & got to see her perform!
    love ur blog

  3. aidawhatsername · · Reply

    First of all, I love your style. That outfit is amazing!
    And your hair… I want it 🙂
    Seriously, you look amazing on it.

    I’m so so so so happy you met Rita. You deserve it because you’re doing a great job promoting her everywhere.

    Yesterday when I read on your Twitter you met her I told all my friends I was with in that moment you’re a lucky girl, but I was so happy for you because you’re there as a fan since day 0.

    How was the concert? What songs did she sing? How is she? How’s Elena? 🙂

    1. Thankuuuu! It was AMAZING! I can’t describe it, feels like a dream! She performed Hot Right Now, RIP, Roc The Life and Shine Your Light… sooooo good!! Elena was beautiful! xxx

  4. That look is gorgeous!!! Love your blog and style, dear!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment!!!
    Gabi xxx

  5. NOO 89 · · Reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤ your style is sooo unique! you should do more of your own clothes posts! Your Styles Too Cool for even Old School!!

  6. 100% you should do more outfit post!!!! Absolutely love this oufit, you are rocking the hell out of it!!! don’t worry bout not wearing heels, do ur thing, ur style is unique and we need more of this girl 🙂

    Diana x

  7. YOU MET RITA!!!!!
    CONGRATS GIRL! I always see her tweeting you
    by the way you look hot i love your jacket

  8. Yes My Mini Suzan finally got to meet her main inspiration!!
    I always stress how beautiful you are and how much i love your clothes mainly because I want to take them home with me ;).

    Always going to support you!
    love your RocckStarr Terri-Li

  9. ps i have those tights they look 10 times better on u than me i look more emo than rock in them lol

  10. Congratulations on meeting your idol!

    I’m no style expert (I think I’m also the first guy to comment on this post), but you rock the look so keep doing it if you enjoy it. I never intended to host my podcast series, just produce it, which seems somewhat similar to you wanting to blog, but not model the fashion. Put yourself out there. You never know.

  11. Daym! My comment deleted! Basically just wanted to say that u look stunning and u defows should do a few not of these! Ur style is wow and as for that jacket! Cannot blve the price!-LOVE! And them sneaks are cooler than any shoes! I’m constantly pervin on em in footlocker! One day! Ooh btw congrats again! Rita Rita rita!! U deserved it! You hav converted many ppl into rita-bits including me! Xxx

  12. liyahaneela · · Reply

    I love this post! do more OOTD posts it’s nice to see a different style out there! you do’nt have to be a girly girl to blog just rock your style you are unique! Happy for you & Rita O! You both look hella cute!



  13. Lucky you that sounds fab
    NRC ♥

  14. OMGGG first of all you met Rita Ora, well jel!!!!!! ANd 2nd I love your hair! and those sneaks are too cool! xo han

  15. Cherry P · · Reply

    I LOVE this post hun!! Im so glad you did it, you look great! You are one of those girls who just pull this off and look amazing. Your hair is amazing and those tights are to die for… ❤ ❤ ❤ x

  16. u look so lovely :)))

  17. lily monter · · Reply

    you and Rita look good together 😉
    love the post
    do more

  18. Oh you should do more outfit posts trust me! You would definitely be on the top 5 stylish people on La rue A Du Style! 😉

    Nice job!

    Dlight from Paris

    La Rue A Du Style


  20. Hey!

    Thanks for the blog comment earlier this week. Loving yours and well done for finally doing an outfit post – I understand it can take some courage to really put yourself out there but you look great so keep it up 🙂

    Myfanwy xox

  21. Rita ora is sooo gorgeous!! lucky u and u look gorgeous btw so wed like to see more outft post .. hope u can visit my blog again soon and follw each other x x

  22. Your such a beauty! You could wear anything and look incredible. Beyond happy that you got to meet your idol!!! =D keep the posts coming 😉 xx

  23. channys · · Reply

    i love your style! especially the spizikes! not many girls can do J’s but u pull it off! new post plz ^_^

  24. You should do more outfit posts! Just have fun with the camera. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog!


  25. Leanne James · · Reply

    Can’t believe you met Rita. hat youe!

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