Vashtie Kola: Downtown’s Sweetheart

We’ve had some really weird kind of heatwave in Manchester the past week so I’ve been trying to make the most of it since all I usually see is rain! It’s funny how at the first sign of sun everyone in the UK strips off and acts like they’re strolling the streets of Barbados! I mean it was much hotter than we usually get to experience, but not that hot! Lol. Anyway this hot weather made me think I need to update my wardrobe in time for summer. I like to buy things from independent labels in the US and one of my faves is by my fashion idol, Vashtie Kola. I realised I’ve never done a post on my love for her so here it is! For those of you who don’t know, Vashtie is a video director, artist, blogger, designer, you name it she does it. And she’s literally the coolest girl in the world. Here’s a brief summary of why.

1. First of all she’s the ONLY girl to have ever done a collaboration with Nike Air Jordan 2’s. Any fan’s of Jordan’s will realise the importance of this. Her collaboration between them and her fashion line Violette produced the most beautiful trainers I’ve ever seen. AND they’re lilac. Which is my favourite colour, so what more could I want in a shoe. Not managed to get my hands on these beauties yet as you can’t get them in the U.K anymore but I’m working on it. 

2. Her unique style. For those who know me, you know I’m not really a “girly girl” at all, I def prefer trainers to heels, and I’m into the sporty look rather than the sexy look. This is why Vashtie is my ultimate fashion icon. She dresses like a boy. But still manages to be the sexiest girl in the room. That’s some achievement. She describes her style as;

“Part ’90s alterna-girl, part classic tomboy, part downtown debutante with a dash of thug.”

As a self confessed tomboy, she states that the most important part of fashion to her is being comfortable. To be honest, with a face like hers, she could really get away with dressing like a tramp and still end up lookin mad beautiful. She can thank her heritage for her exotic looks, which come from her East Indian and Afro-Trinidadian background. She also has this amazingggggg hair. Hair I’d cut off my right arm for. 

3.  Her extensive CV. She’s probably one of the most respected females in music right now, and not just because she’s never gone down the video hoe route, despite her sex appeal.  She was the first to refer to herself as KING, (take note Beyonce fans) a way of confirming to the males she’s running things. She’s directed videos for artists such as Rihanna, Kid Cudi, Solange Knowles, Kendrick Lamar and *screams* JUSTIN BIEBER! She was called into Def Jam Records in 2006 to revamp the company. Antonio “LA” Reid, president of Def Jam, said she would be “the one to keep the building cool, someone in tune with downtown cool and pop mainstream.” She also runs an iconic club night called 1992 which is of the best 90’s hip-hop nights in NYC.

Vashtie is also a designer and has her own streetwear line, Violette NY. The reason I started writing this post is because I just bought one of the new tees from the site. The line is laid back and sporty, as Vashtie says, “Imagine if Louis Vuitton had a daughter living in the Lower East Side – she’d be rocking a luxury handbag and a fly pair of kicks. Her wardrobe would consist of rare designer items and delicate vintage pieces. With superb style that is effortless and uncontrived, she starts trends without thinking. The harmony of contrasts is a distinction of her true sense of fashion.” VIOLETTE is currently carried at specialty boutiques across the globe like Colette (Paris), Essence (Yokohama, Japan), and Fruition (Las Vegas) Here’s the tee I just bought, it was only $40 dollars, so cheap! Really simple design but will look good with high waisted leggings, shorts etc for summer.

4. To top it off she’s also a talented photographer and artist. Put simply, the girl’s got it all , beauty, talent and most importantly, brains. That’s what separates her from all the other “role models” out there today and that’s the reason why she’s one of my biggest inspiration’s.

5. On a final note, she has the dopest website ever! Check it out at

You can shop the Violette collection online at:

Follow Vashtie on Twitter @Vashtie

& don’t forget to follow me too 😉 @SYSelcuk


  1. I love Vashtie their streetwear is too cool, I find your blog inspirational as a designer myself, I was born in 89 and your posts give me that nostalgic feeling. Vashtie is a combination of what I love. Keep Blogging I love your posts!

  2. Amelida · · Reply

    I never knew who she was before this post, but now I do I’am in LOVE! Her style is so effortless and cool! I need to order me one of her pieces ASAP! Love your posts, always feel like I’m being educated!

  3. omg i love Vashtie! shes absolutely gorgeous and mega talented! love the post. It sums her up completely!she’s definitely a major style icon proving that you don’t need to be half naked to look amazing! most of the time…the opposite does the job!

  4. Never heard of her before but I no have a major girl crush! She’s too beautiful! I love your posts I get so much inspiration from them!

  5. Abbieknows · · Reply

    She is GORGEOUS!

  6. shes a total babe. thanks for your suuuuper sweet comments on my blog 🙂 xxx


  7. Littleglowblogger · · Reply

    As soon as I saw this post I thought it is so you, she actually reminds me of you your style is so similar, not calling you a tomboy or anything 😛 but you can get away with the sporty slouchy clothes she wears n u still look bloody gorgeous!!!

  8. Gabriella Bieniek · · Reply

    Omg. I was quite excited when I saw Vashtie mentioned in your post. Vashtie has also been my idol too! She’s got the natural charismatic beauty, and it’s Nike’s fortune to be able to work with her. Oh how I envy her natural charm, and how I marvel at her success… She may be a tomboy, but she pulls it off so well. I wonder how the heck she does that! I aspire to be like her, though I’m like struggling to even find modelling gigs to make a mark in this industry, but I’m going to keep pursuing my dreams.

  9. Mariam N. · · Reply

    Wow, I knew Vashtie was a great designer, but I never knew she was a video director. That’s a whole new level of respect for her, she’s practically a jack of all trades!

    Gabriella I’m sure you can find your success one day. You need to work smart, and know how to venture into this industry. Always keep in contact with as many people as you can, because that’s how the whole arts industry work. You need relationships to be given a chance to make your mark. Make sure you grab any opportunity that comes by.

    Great post Syselcuk. You really reminded me of how great an inspiration she is to all of us here!

  10. Cherry P · · Reply

    I had never heard of Vashtie before wow what a great designer, I can see why you like her so much. You both also seem on the same wave with the ideas and styles you both do. Didnt you just LOVE the sun I hope it stays everyone is just a lot happyier with it around… enjoy hun x x x

  11. You have a great blog here!! I really like this blog post finally I can relate to blogger who loves the tomboy look! I’m a big fan of comfortable lounge wear/mens clothes lol with a tiny sprinkle of sexy I believe a woman should be comfortable and confident always especially outfit wise!! I rearly wear heels actually I don’t I prefer sneakers I love them so much that I customise and make my own!! But again I really enjoyed this post Sooo relatable!! If u have the time please do check out my blog posts on my sneakers …
    MONZIE!! X

  12. channys · · Reply

    mad love for vashtie!!! such a sexy lady! u are just like me we have the same style and inspirations 🙂

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