This weekend I hit up Street Fest for the first time with my Educate & Elevate team! I’ve never been so didn’t no what to expect but it was sooooo good! The street artist were out of this world! This was one of my fave’s at SF, this guy is sick!!! I mean how the hell can you draw like that?! It was soo cold too his hands must have been about to drop off! His names Phil Blake AKA Philth. I also want that beenie, seems to be sold out everywhere anyone know where I can get one?!

Whenever I see talented artists I get so jealous because if I could choose a talent it would be to be a good drawer! Wouldn’t mind but I’m not even an OK drawer – I’m at stick men level! Booo 😦 But oh well it was still good to go and admire other people’s work.  One artist I love at the moment is Rio Jade Willis – check out her work here it’s incredible! Def one to watch! Also my old school friend Jordan O’Brien is another talented dude – although his drawings are definatley verging on the freaky side still love them! – If you’re an artist let me know so I can check your work! 

Ok back to Street Fest, street art wasn’t the only thing on offer, the line-up featured PIFF GANG, Lady Leshurr, Devlin & more! BUT the highlight of my day was bumping into one of my fave bloggers Cheyenne AKA Yeah Its Shyy – Been a fan of her blog for sooo long, my boyfriend spotted her in the crowd and was like “there’s that girl you’re obsessed with” LOL. I had to go over and say hi, she was so sweet and so beautiful in real life! I got a pic with her but I look awful so not puttin it up! 

Seriously there were so many cool cats out there in London it’s unreal! No offence to my Manchester people but fashion is on another level there. I was stalking these two guys who seemed to have an obsession with fluorescent clothing, and there was also this girl there with this amazingggg 90’s Moschino jacket which must have cost an absolute fortune! I was soooo jealous! Another girl was dressed like she stepped out of an Aaliyah & Timbaland video she looked SICK! Got such much styling influence from being there. 

Since a few of you have told me to do another outfit post after my first one I guess this post could count as one? The pics aren’t amazing but better than nothing. I got picked as one of the top street style from Street Fest in association with RWD magazine and had my pic taken so I’ll use that to show you guys what I wore. I know I should have been reppin Educate & Elevate but all our tees and sweaters aren’t finished yet 😦 soon though! 

Anyway here’s the pic that got taken for Street Fest VS RWD Magazine (sorry about the low-res):


I look really pissed off in this photo but it’s because I genuinely hate having my pic taken, I’ll try to smile next time! LOL the kicks were a recent purchase when I went overboard late night shopping and came home with three pairs of new trainers, these plus two pairs of the Nike x Liberty London collection. I got the Dunks and the Air Max 1s but I’m gonna return the Dunks because I can’t justify buying three pairs of trainers in one month, that’s just greediness! Glad I didn’t return the Air Max though cos they’ve sold out everywhere! Which ones would you have kept?

Anywayyy I’ve blabbed on abit now so I’ll end this post there but if you’ve never been to Street Fest before I recommend you check it out next year it’s worth a visit! And for everyone asking the Educate & Elevate site is coming very very soon! I promise!











  1. Seems like you had fun! I saw the pics on instagram! You’re so gorgeous love. Loving the movement!! xx

  2. I love your style and street festival looks amazing i also want your hat!

  3. · · Reply

    first of all F*ck UUU!!I wanted those liberty air maxxxxxxs arghhhh! haha but ona serious note love love your style gimme ur wardrobe girl!

  4. Fabiola Hasani · · Reply

    I love this! I mean i’ve never been but i probably would love it? Look at the style and everything it just looks amazing, and I LOVE ART! I probably would of got so excited :$ i hope you had fun though! & i love your blog beautiful! Love you!

  5. I wish I could have been at SF, it looks super cool, although I’d probably have been insanely jealous of all the talented and stylish peeps (i.e you!!) Next year it will be Educate & Elevate at Street Fest that people will be blogging about xxx
    p.s I think you chose the right sneakers! the red Liberties are niiiicccce!

  6. Omg street fest sounds amazing! I defows need to get tickets for next year! How much are they? The art is amazing and the artists are major inspirational! So jealous you got to meet Cheyenne that’s bloody awesome! Ill agree with one thing the style in london is sp vast and unique! Another brilliant post! Btw I love what you’ve got on! Your absolutely gorgeous! And I want all them sneaks! Steals! Xxx

  7. Rozza AydiN · · Reply

    I was there i didnt see youu 😥 waaa! read you blog all the time espesh rta posts 😀 love your clothes and you style! and those trainers are hot i want them all. the red ones r wedges too *dies* shopping trip tomorrow i think! xxxxox

  8. that artist is amazing, also would u be intrested in doing an interview for my blog because i really like yours and your styling work for educate and elevate , keep up the good work. i follow u on twitter jada xx

  9. ahhh you are too gorgeous.. can I pinch your wardrobe please?! can’t wait for educate&elevate site to be up!! x

  10. leira opal · · Reply

    never heard of IOU where can i buy that jumper?

  11. You look so dope baby girl. I’m so jealous you went!!! And thanks for the comment on my blog. I had the only cheese face since I’m a fan of your blog. Cant wait for Educate & Elevate!

    xx Jacqueline

  12. love the beanie look!!! thanks for visiting my blog !!! wiill surely be back for more xx

  13. aidawhatsername · · Reply

    I’d love to go to the Street Fest one year.
    Last year I couldn’t go because I was working, but I’ll definitely visit that place. Looks so cool!

    About the Wu Tang beanies… Have you checked on ebay? 🙂

    I can’t choose only one pair of trainers. I’d keep all of them hahaha.

    Btw, I can’t wait to see all the clothes from Educate & Elevate, I’m sure I’ll spend all my money on the webstore hahaha

  14. love what you wore. so fitting for the event.

  15. Woooowww that’s wassup!

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