Illustrated People

As you all know I’m really into streetwear brands so I was really excited when the team at Illustrated People contacted me and said they loved my blog! I remember a while ago buying a jumper from them that one of my friends “borrowed” (never seen it again) but since then I hadn’t really seen much of their stuff. Their new collection is soooo me, lots of sporty baggy oversized men’s tees, with  Egyptian (verging on Illuminati) style graphic prints. I’ve probably mentioned before I’m obsessed with evil eyes since half my family is Turkish & in our culture it represents good luck so they are literally all over my house and I’m always adorned with at least 5 eyes watching me because all my jewellery is Turkish too. Illustrated people sent me this cropped tee which I love because its two of my favourite things – tie dyed & evil eye overload! 

I’d just like to point out that I’m actually not a dwarf, for some reason on pics I look so short & stumpy! I’m 5’3 which I know is small but not THAT small is it?!! Anyway go and check out the rest of the Illustration People collection, they have some stuff which I’m pretty sure you lot will love, it’s very Rita Ora  style with the baggy fits and crazy prints!

The prices are not bad either, my pet hate is streetwear brands that charge the earth for one overkilled design *coughcoughboylondon* – but with IP the designs are unique and most of the products range from about £30- £40 which is a bargain! Ooh & they have a sale on right now so go & check it out! They are also on Twitter: @itsillustrated so get following!

They also kindly gave me this oversized crop top to do a lil giveaway for you guys so if you fancy getting your paws on it leave me a comment and I’ll pick a winner at random next week! 

In other exciting news I’ve been asked to style my first ever music video! I’ll be styling the beautiful Nicole (@youngnicci) in a video for U.K artist Omari Bentley’s single Cuban Cigar featuring Talay Riley (the guy with the amazing voice from Chipmunk’s Look For Me) I’m literally so excited because I’ve always wanted to style music videos! I’m kinda nervous though want to get it perfect! Next stop one of Vashtie’s videos haha!



  1. Ahhh love that tee so much!! For some reason I’m obsessed with tie dye at the moment. Neeeeed to get one! Thank uuu for posting this! 😀

  2. Hellia Farkoosh · · Reply

    oh wow oh wow oh wow oh wow. From head to tow you are the definition of swag.

  3. Love that top you’re wearing by Illustrated People. So jealous. By the way lil sis wants an E&E beanie! She loves what you’re doing 🙂

    Just spreading the love. And I want that crop top…it’s so me…

    xx Jackie-O

  4. Bitter Sweet Please · · Reply


  5. Amazing stuff! SYS takeover soon! Style’s on point, I can’t wait to see this music video!!! xxx

  6. Suzan I love ur outfit its a gawjus top! Can’t believe I’ve never heard of illustrated people! And congratulations on the whole thing! Especially the music video!!!! Hope to get there one day!! GOOD LUCK with it :D!

  7. nicola ridings · · Reply

    omg love love love!! Want that top!! Thanks for hit up on the the colours #fresh style #dope garms

  8. Love this look!! and weldone for getting the stylist job ohh and I’d love to enter the giveaway lol 😉

  9. Leanne James · · Reply

    That shirt is too cute! and i love your hat too! please be my stylist 🙂

  10. Hayley · · Reply

    Absolutely love this post.. And blog! So interesting and great for style inspiration! Love love love the beanie 🙂 xx

  11. I LOVE this outfit!!! and your styleee! Looking forward to seeing the music video too =D =D xx

  12. georgiel · · Reply

    So cute girl i love everything you wear always!

  13. Absolutely love your style! You really inspire me in outfits Suzan, no lie! love love love! ❤

  14. love your tank top, it’s so cool
    I’m kind of obsessed with tie dye at the moment
    and your shirt is my life!
    congrats on the collab, your blog is cool 🙂

  15. Oh wow sounds like you have an amazing job! You have a new follower 🙂 Xx

  16. you are so gorg! Love the top and the E&E beanie! Need to get one of those! xox H

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