Interview With Rita Ora’s Super Stylist Kyle De’volle

 For the past three years I’ve been going on about Rita Ora to anyone who will listen. Now it seems like the whole world is slowly falling in love with her! (Read my post here so you can understand the extent of my obsession with this girl)

Anyway a few weeks ago I did a post on her amazing stylist: Kyle De’volle. If you missed it read it here.  His styling has made Rita one of the most reblogged stars of the web, and has defined her as the next big style icon. Together as a team, they create the type of images which make me desperate to have every single thing I see her wearing! After my blog post on Kyle, he kindly agreed to do a quick Q&A interview, exclusive to Ice Cream Dreams! Yay! Kyle is a hugeee inspiration to me! Read on to find more about this stylist who is certain to influence fashion in the future!!!

Hi Kyle! Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me. When I first spoke to you I told you that I’d discovered your work because of my obsession with Rita Ora & her style. How long have you known Rita and how did you come about styling her?  

Hello, Me and Rita have known each other for about 5 years now. We both grew up in the same area (west London) and have a lot of mutual friends. I can’t actually remember how Rita and I started working together it all started off as a bit of fun. 2 years later it’s still A LOT of fun but now I get paid for it! 

All of a sudden I’m seeing so many Rita-clones, who as to quote one of your tweets “think they can rock bleach blonde hair and red lips” How strange is it for you to see so many people imitate her, especially when she hasn’t even released an album yet? Do you have to fight back an urge to shout CLONE at them when you pass them in the street? (I do!) 

HAHA! At times it is frustrating. But really it’s flattering, at the end of the day Rita is going to be a worldwide phenomenon so people are going to copy her whatever she does.

It’s obvious from the video diaries that Rita has done that two are pretty close and you’ve previously described her style as “Gwen Stefani meets where’s Wally”. What sort of thing does Rita love & hate when it comes to fashion? Which brands do you like to dress her in and how do you take her personal style and exaggerate it as a stylist?

My relationship with Rita is amazing! She’s so easy to work with and has such an amazing vision when it comes to fashion, Rita loves going against the grain with her style, whether it’s clashing prints or stacking jewellery somehow it always turns out amazing! Her dislikes would be manufactured looks (when some girls look too put together!) I believe style should be effortless you should never put too much thought into it. Rita loves labels so at the moment we’ve been dressing her in loads of vintage Gucci and Chanel. When it comes to styling Rita its very much a partnership in the sense we understand each other so everything we do is just as much Rita’s vision as mine. 

Rita is currently one of the most talked about rising stars of 2012, and your styling work is gaining lots of attention, due to images of Rita styled by you being the most reblogged images in the history of Tumblr! It must be amazing to see how much people admire your skills but does it ever bother you when people are reblogging your work without a reference to you being the stylist? It’s overwhelming the response our shoots have had! It really makes all the hard work we put into them worth it! I don’t mind people reblogging them with no reference to me as I suppose that’s how tumblr works, in fact I think it’s quite sweet!  You’re gaining fans of your own ever since we got a glimpse of you in the video diary, people saw you for a split second and are loving you already ;)! Plus you have a model-esque face, (and annoyingly perfect eyebrows!) would you ever want to be in front of the camera? Do you have any other aspirations apart from styling?

Awww! Am I? Thank you for the compliments you’re making me blush! Yes I definitely have my own aspirations aside from styling but I’m still young and have my whole life ahead of me. Eventually I intend on having my own clothing line and fragrance.

Tell us abit more about yourself. Where did you grow up? What made you decide you wanted to be a stylist, and where did you study? (I’m also curious as to where the name De’volle comes from?!)

I grew up in Notting Hill Gate (west London) With my mum and 2 sisters. I kind of just fell into styling; I’ve always known how to sew and make clothes as my grandma taught me from a young age so clothes have always been a part of me. I’ve never had any formal training on styling it just came naturally. I think it’s something you either have or you don’t. The name De’volle is French, it’s my mother’s maiden name!

Who would be your celebrity dream to style? And are there any celebs you think are in dire need of sacking their current stylist & investing in the Kyle Devolle experience?!

There are so many cool kids on the celeb scene these days but someone whose style I admire has to be Kanye West! He is so original and fresh I love his vision! There are also many kids on the celeb scene that ‘FAIL’ some of the few that need my help (and not to sound mean :s) are Paloma Faith and Tulisa. Paloma just tries so hard to be different that most of the time she ends up looking like a clown. Tulisa to me always has a ‘Cheap’ element to her.

Totally agree! Love T but she always looks like she is dress head to toe in Jane Norman! Personally I’m not too excited by fashion these days & I’d do anything to go back to the early 90’s so I can wear baggy neon sports tops, bumbags an maybe a visor if I feel adventurous! Do you have a favourite fashion decade? 

Haha! Yes me too! The 90’s grunge look is my favourite! I love vintage hi-wasted Levi’s and big over sized jumpers with Doc martin boots!

Talking of the 90’s, at the end of this decade my lovely mother decided to dress me in a bright purple, tight, sequined… & if that doesn’t sound horrific enough, FLARED!!! all in one catsuit for Millenium new years eve (I’ve burnt all the pictures). Have you always been stylish or have you had any fashion faux pas?

EPIC!! My mother did the same to me accept mine was a three tone shell suit! (I too have burnt all remaining evidence!) I like to think I’ve always been stylish but sadly that would be a lie! I went through an awful phase once when I was obsessed with these bright red cowboy boots. MEGA FAIL!

Where do you get your inspiration from when styling? How do you go about the styling process? When I was at uni, I played TLC’s Oooh On The TLC Tip album to fire me up every shoot WITHOUT FAIL – even if it was completely not the mood of the shoot! Do you have some kind of  ritual when you shoot? 

My inspiration usually comes from music, I.E if I’ve got a music video I will listen to the song 1st and then I usually get a mental picture of the look (crazy as it sounds). So once you’ve have your look in mind you then research what designers have pieces that fit your brief of which you would then contact them to pull pieces for the video. It’s a lot of hard work but all worth it. My chosen music for shoots is always 90’s classics SWV, Monica and like you, TLC.

You work regularly with London based photographer Nedim Nazerali. Is there a Kyle De’volle dream team you regularly work with? If you could have any super team of creatives to work with who would they be?

Yes Nedim is amazing and such a great guy to work with! I have an amazing team! Another photographer I work with is called Elliott Power you can check out his work at I’d love to eventually (When I start up my label) collaborate with amazing designers such as Mark Fast and Elliott Atkinson. They are amongst my favourite designers! 

Too much love for Mark Fast! Who or what are your ones to watch in 2012? 

Artists and clothing lines that are the ones to watch in 2012 are, Rita Ora, Cleo Sol, Elliott Power, HARDWARE Oh and ME of course! lol


Describe yourself in three words:

Insane, Passionate and loyal

Name your top 5 style icons of all time:

Gwen Stefani, Kanye West, Anna Della Russo, Daphne Guinness, Where’s Wally!

Favourite movie for fashion inspiration: Romeo and Juliet

Favourite colour: Black

Favourite place in the world: New York

Favourite item of clothing: My rings…I feel naked without them!

Most read magazine: Vogue

New Years resolution: Party less

Favourite cartoon character: Garfield

Last book you read: Jay Z-Decoded

If you could trade places with anyone for a week who would it be: The Queen of England

Who would your three dream dinner dates be: Channing Tatum, Tom Ford, Lil Kim

If you could make three bad fashion trends or “crimes” illegal what would they be: Double denim! Wearing gold with silver and socks with heels 🙂 

What’s your karaoke song of choice: Lil Kim- Big Mama Thang

Favourite place to shop: LF NYC

And finally… What’s next for Kyle De’volle? WORLD DOMINATION! 🙂

© 2011-2012 Ice Cream Dreams

I’d like to say a BIG BIG thank you to Kyle for this interview! He really is a lovelyyy guy! Like I said before, I predict big things from Kyle De’volle &  you heard it here first! What do you all think of Kyle’s styling? Have you all fallen in love with Rita yet? Leave me your comments 🙂

Now go follow Kyle on Twitter: @KyleDevolle


  1. Thanks for this interview! I didn’t even know Rita had a stylist! I love Kyle though he seems like a sweet guy and very talented!

  2. Louise Dewar · · Reply

    Lovelovelovelove this, so interesting to know more about him ❤

  3. Molly Williams · · Reply

    Amazing interview 🙂 .. Kyle’s th best. Amazing stylist and can turn something little into a dope outfit! 🙂 #LDNSwag X

  4. Serra Selcuk · · Reply

    Love the this post!! Kyle is an AMAZING stylist, just love what he does.

  5. Sophie Nugent · · Reply

    This is such an interesting interview! Love it ❤ xxx

  6. Love this post.. love that necklace on the last photo xx Kyle is amazing

  7. I love your blog so much, you got me into Romeo Santos too 🙂
    Kyle De’volle is a SICK stylist. Love the interview keep it up

  8. 2 peas in a pod. Great interview!

  9. Great blog post, I love this interview! Definitely #HotRightNow ❤

  10. This is a really good read! Love your blog.

  11. JAY-blogs · · Reply

    omg omg OMG!!! You don’t know how happy I am you posted thissss! Arghhh I think Rita has such original style and now i know where it comes from! definatley agree about Tulisa she needs to sack her stylist!!!!!

  12. Didn’t realised bleach blonde hair and red lipstick was such a rare individual look….

    1. Maybe not, Rita’s style is influenced by Gwen Stefani after all she’s said that herself… but I’ve seen loads more girls doin bleach blonde n curly lately! Kyle’s styling is definitely unique tho! 🙂

  13. Amazing,girl u have a eye for talent,wow,inspirational words

  14. Firstly you’ve converted me into a Rita Ora fan, and secondly, I am now an avid follower of Kyle De’volle! Love the interview, and the fact that he hates double denim, silver with gold, and listens to 90’s classics on his shoots (everything I love/hate) makes him even cooler! I want him to be my dream dinner date =D

  15. Absolutely love this interview! It’s great to get the ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak and to see what inspires Kyle! You’ve now inspired me to go out in 90’s vintage! Haha! LOVE!x

  16. tres interesting!!! love her/his style! i totally agree with ‘down with the double denim’, bleuuugh!!! and suzan i recon you could defo pull off a sequinned catsuit!! haha! much love xxx

  17. Fab post!! He’s seems so luverrly and your questions were ace!! I didn’t know much about him before this but now i feel like i know what he’s all about, also how much do you two have in common!? =P xx

  18. Melanie K · · Reply

    The hot right now girl! she is crazy cool… want her jacket

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