Nasir Mazhar LFW

NEVER in my life have I been so jealous of all you people at London Fashion Week! The reason why? Two words. NASIR MAZHAR.

I just nearly cried when I saw these shots of his show online, it’s too perfect! To be honest my style is so specific I only usually pay attention to particular shows at LFW such as Holly Fulton, Lousie Gray, Basso & Brooke, Ashsish etc etc…and Nasir is a designer who has caught my eye recently and this show proves his worth! Its 5pm now and his show was at 2.15 so there isn’t much online yet but these image made my heart beat so fast, it’s just me all over! I love the fact that he’s done the whole set like a barbershop, genius! He brought the grime scene to LFW with performances by Kozzie &  the models were styled to perfection by one of my idols Anna Trevelyan complete with spider web braids and ghetto chic make-up; similar to the style our MUA Lisa Murray did for our latest Educate Elevate shoot! Nasir’s inspirations for the collection were “”rude boys, rude girls, Rastas, hip-hop” which were pretty evident in the low slung pants worn over Nazir Mazhar logo’d boxers mixed in with mesh outfits that wouldn’t look out of place on a dancehall queen.   I WANT IT ALL!!!!!

P.S you know what the best part is…he’s Turkish!! Check out the coverage over at Vogue here.



  1. AMAZING!!!! :0 I agree this is very like your kind of styling! xxo

  2. I wish I could have been at LFW this year, too depressing! Not heard of this designer before, his collection is really OTT but I love it! Thanks for the pics!

  3. WOWWW!!!!

  4. Leanne James · · Reply

    so you! he’s too cool!

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