Street Life

Pretty sure I said this in my last post but I know I’m currently the worst blogger ever, I give props to all you guys who do outfit posts every week cos it take so much dedication! Really wish I could do the same but with my un-photogenic-ness (probably not a word) it takes me about 5 hours to take a pic I actually like and right now cos I’m so busy with E&E it’s just not gonna happen! But anyway I thought I’d fill you all in with what I’ve been upto! Had some exciting and actually quite shocking news last week… I’m in the final 10 for Cosmopolitan & VO5’s Style Search!! I literally couldn’t believe it when I got the phone call! My friend persuaded me to enter and never in a million years did I think I’d get through seen as I dress like a boy and most fashion bloggers are so preened to perfection! So yeah this Thursday I’ll be heading down to London for a photoshoot with the other 9 girls who made it to the finals, so nervous! I know I won’t get any further because I stalked a few of the other bloggers who got through and they are amazinggggg. I defo will look like a trampy tomboy next to them! But at least I’ll be reppin’ for all us chicks in kicks 😉

Click here to see me pullin a ridiculous pose on the Cosmopolitan site: apparently I’m “Too cool for school” haha!

So apart from E&E I’ve also been trying to build up my styling portfolio by doing lots of test shoots with other creative people! A few weeks ago I worked with a photographer called Lloyd James (check out his work here)  my new favourite make-up artist Lisa Murray and the gorgeous Tessa Burton ; they are all soooo talented! Lisa’s make-up is literally perfect and Lloyd’s work is so cool, wanted to work with him for ages! Plus Tessa has the most amazing hair ever it’s nearly down to her ankles!  The theme of the shoot was “Street Life” and for the styling I decided to use an Aaliyah influence seen as everyone was hyping about her & Drake’s “new song” that week (DON’T get me started on that, why Drake thinks he has the right to produce her album is beyond me!! who is he to her really??…grrrr.) I’ve always loved her and she is a hugeee influence to me style wise, she was the queen of the tomboy look cool and like my other idols Vashtie & Left Eye, she always managed to be the sexiest chick in the room whilst wearing men’s clothing. I looked at the styling in her video for “Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number” for inspo for the shoot…


Here’s a few edits… let me know what you think of them cos I need as much creative critisism as possible to help me get better at this stuff! So be honest! Also I blog more regularly on the E&E blog now so check it here. All of the clothes used for this shoot are from WWW.EDUCATEELEVATE.COM and I’m also doing a lil competition to win the green beanie as seen in the second image! Just leave a comment below and tweet me @syselcuk or @educateelevate to let us know you’ve entered! Credits: Photography: Lloyd James Make-up: Lisa Murray Model: Tessa Burton Styling: SYS



  1. nicola ridings · · Reply

    omg omg love love love your work xxxx

  2. Robyn Eames · · Reply

    i adore the designs and the photography is amazing serious nothing bad to say x

  3. Pauline whitehead · · Reply

    Suzan you work is excellent you have fantasic style great sense of what looks good and photos are amazing. On top of your excellent qualities your a fab person.

    I love seeing everything you do and your smile lights up a room


  4. Love your blog , definitely my type of style! Would love to see more , keep up the great work n all the best in getting through to the finals in London x

  5. firstly, you are beautifulll but the main reason i am here is to try and win the educate elevate beanie and if im honest i really want one but everytime i have the money (which isnt that often) i cant help but spent it on a load of shit which is why it would be great to win one, and recently i bought a bomber jacket that you modelled and if im honest i saw you first and i was like omg but then i saw the jacket and was like omg so alltogether i was like omg and i just love educate elevates clothing so yeah PLEASEEEE

  6. Ayse Karssen · · Reply

    I feel like typing and sh*t so here it comes:
    I said it like a thousand times and I’ll keep saying it: You’re way too cool for this world. You said you thought you couldn’t get through cause you dress like a boy? They’d be crazy if they didn’t let you through the finals. You’re style is amazing! And thanks for repping chicks on kicks, cause all I wear are my baby’s: Jordans.
    At least you have your own original style and don’t follow the hype like most girls/bloggers do. You, your styling + E&E are so creative. I like that, cause you’re not following a blueprint.
    You show that with E&E for example. No one else (as far as I know) decided to bring back the best years back to us: the nineties.
    I love the whole vibe of E&E and of course the items. Like, all of them.
    I hope you win the competition Suzan!!!

  7. YOURE SO PERFECT and your style is oh my god fabulous i love everything youve designed and ive bought a bomber ‘traveller jacket’ and the ‘stay+ tee’ but seriously EVERYTHING is AMAZING and i’d love to win a beanie to match them!

  8. After receiving my E&E sweater I’ve fallen in love with this style! Got so many compliments on it and have got many of my friends now following Educate and Elevate on Twitter and waiting for beanies to come back into stock! Was going to order this beanie last week but its already sold out! Would be amazing if I could win the beanie to team with my E&E sweatshirt and Nike Avids. I need this beanie to keep my head warm this winter whilst looking fly, and I will take lots of pictures of myself wearing the beanie which I will promote all over my twitter and blog. Please please please may I win the beanie,
    I love E&E for its ninties style
    I love E&E for its consistent updates and blog entries
    I love E&E for its photography (so much that its my background on twitter and been a cover photo on my facebook)
    I love E&E for having amazing customer service when my sweatshirt got lost in the post and you helped me track it down
    I love the E&E logo
    I love the E&E vintage section
    And most of all I love the fact that with my E&E order I get a note from you and a sick sticker to put all over my folders
    I need this beanie in my life and then to collect all the bobble hats and wear them all through winter #flygirl

  9. This brand is exactly what we need in the UK now. The whole old school 90s “stand out the crowd” theme with the clothing is inspiring. Living in such a small country it’s hard to find decent priced clothing, that are rare finds or deadstock pieces. What i love most about this brand and what i can relate to it is the fact that you sell clothes that a lot of people wouldn’t have the guts to wear. You give people the confidence to pick up the clothes from the rail all of their other friends said was “rank” or “weird”. I think it’s about time we had a brand like this, one with urban themes, amazing bright coloured clothing, affordable pricing & the whole movement that goes with it. This movement is strong, the photography, styling, hair and make-up as well as the non regressive promotion that goes behind this brand and its product is to me, the most key and inspirational attribute to E&E. The music video’s that you post as well as the shots of the models & team members make people love this brand, educating them and elevating them to indivudality. Ace.

    3. The team are the friendliest and most down to earth people ever, they actually appreciate the customers!

  11. I want the hat!!!!!! I want everything haha, I lovelovelove everything! #flygirl #perfection

  12. Loving this blog and love your style! Keep up the good work and enjoy your photoshoot in london, give it all flygirl!

  13. Good luck with the shoot! You’ll do amazing!
    Absolutely love the beanie too! Enter the cold winter months with a bit of style 😉 x

  14. I just love the message behind the Educate Elevate brand. Increasing your knowledge and working harder to achieve your dream.
    Blended in is the great style too; great marriage.
    Love y’all!

  15. Will Jackson · · Reply

    Would rock out that beanie so bad, and spread the educate and elevate shit worldwide, it’s so badass. Old schools the newschool now. Stay sweet and keep producing this fine fine clothing!

  16. aidawhatsername · · Reply

    I’m a huge fan of beanies (I have hundreds of them). I’d love to win it so I can wear it everyday.
    I like that feeling when I’m wearing a nice beanie, 90s clothes, it’s cold and I’m carrying a hot coffee on the street…
    I want to be one of the first people in Spain on wearing Educate & Elevate!! 🙂

  17. Amazing shoot! Love the 90’s vibe!

  18. I love your work, you inspire me so much! Been following your blog for a year now & I love everything you do, your shoots get better and better and I love your personal style. Good luck with the cosmo competition, you should win it for sure! xox H

  19. Leanne James · · Reply


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