Mi Vida Loca

I’ve been doing quite a few shoots lately on weekends which I love but waiting for the final images is just torture!! I just got back the final edits from a shoot I did with an amazing photographer called Richard Mayfield (http://www.richardmayfield.co.uk/) and I loooove them! They have just been published online at The Storm Magazine which is cool, so check out the full story here: http://www.thestormmagazine.com/

The shoot was inspired by a mash up of influences, the main one being one of my idols Selena Quintanilla (if you’ve never heard of her, google her!) She was such a beautiful person, with a bright future and when you read her story it will break your heart! (I’ll probably do a separate post on her soon)I really admired her style and the way she mixed up street style with sexy stage outfits so I wanted to bring together some aspects of her look at mix it up with one of my other influences, Vashtie. I’ve written about Vashtie before so if you’ve read my blog or follow my twitter you’ve probably heard me blab on about her or saw me fangirl like crazy the two times she’s tweeted me! Her style is so effortless & she’s the queen of making tomboy sexy so the two inspiration points worked really well together!

The make- up artist for the shoot was Lisa Ray who I’ve worked with a few times now and she is incredible! The model was of course the beautiful Anike who was perfect for the chola style make-up we went for. Gonna leave this as a quick post but wanted to show you guys,  let me know what you think! More shoot previews to come soon!



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  1. Saludos desde USA! Eres latina? Usted es feroz! Usted debe estar en las películas!

    Greetings from USA! Are you latina? You’re fierce! You should be in films!

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