Feels like I haven’t blogged in forever! I’m such a bad blogger! Been so busy lately with shoots here & there and the reason for this post is we just shot the new Educate & Elevate lookbook which is insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I’m so in love with the photos I had to brag and show you all!! […]

 For the past three years I’ve been going on about Rita Ora to anyone who will listen. Now it seems like the whole world is slowly falling in love with her! (Read my post here so you can understand the extent of my obsession with this girl) Anyway a few weeks ago I did a […]

As you all know I’m really into streetwear brands so I was really excited when the team at Illustrated People contacted me and said they loved my blog! I remember a while ago buying a jumper from them that one of my friends “borrowed” (never seen it again) but since then I hadn’t really seen […]

Not the most imaginative title I know but couldn’t think of anything else! Thought I’d do a quick outfit post because I got excited over the Educate & Elevate beanie hat & wanted to show everyone! They’re gonna be done in custom colours so you can order yours very soon if you like it! Make sure […]

This weekend I hit up Street Fest for the first time with my Educate & Elevate team! I’ve never been so didn’t no what to expect but it was sooooo good! The street artist were out of this world! This was one of my fave’s at SF, this guy is sick!!! I mean how the […]

We’ve had some really weird kind of heatwave in Manchester the past week so I’ve been trying to make the most of it since all I usually see is rain! It’s funny how at the first sign of sun everyone in the UK strips off and acts like they’re strolling the streets of Barbados! I […]

I’ve been blogging for a while now and even though I blog about my fashion and style inspirations, I’ve never actually done an outfit post! For a few reasons but the main ones being A. I am not photogenic AT ALL and B. I never really thought anyone would ever rate what I wear seen […]